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Nutrition, Health and Well-being

Life is the superior gift for us from Allah-Al-Mighty and we should live it health but in the polluted environment we live in, it has [...]

Nutrition, Health and Well-being

As technology and modern advancement bind the earth little by little, more and more dilemmas are uprising and creeping sluggishly, pulling the earth towards the [...]

Nutrition, Health and Well Being

  It is important that we eat healthily, this is what will be the key in giving  us a healthy quality life. We need to [...]


NUTRITION, HEALTH AND WELL BEING Proper nutrition and its maintenance had been as technology and modern advancement bind the earth little by little, more and [...]

Art the way of khadija


halloween story

Once there was a  girl name Sarah with her best friend name Lucy  she thought that the would be best friends . one day they [...]

MY Shoes

once there was a girl living with her family they did not had much money to buy their  things  but one day she and her grandmother [...]


    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amy, she lived in a village namely Truth or Consequences New Mexico. After some [...]

Nutrition, health and wellbeing

Stormed with work, smitten by unnecessary worldly affair of showing off your belongings, consequently getting fractured from diseases — this is the cycle, revolving sluggishly, [...]

Nutrition, Health and Well-being

I believe healthy nutrition is the most important factor for maintaining and keeping good health. Healthy nutrition basically is eating healthy and balanced from all [...]

Nutrition, health and well being by Alisha VIII-N

'Health is wealth'. We have probably heard this quote but never put this into practice. The way you care about your luxurious car and your [...]


NUTRITION, HEALTH AND WELLBEING What we eat and drink has impact on our physical growth, mental well being and performance at work place. It is [...]