One night I was sitting in my chair close to the window when I noticed some lights flashing in the sky. I thought that it was an airplane, but, it didn’t make a sound! It was nearing my house! I saw that it was a UFO! The aliens captured me and took me to a very big room. I saw my friends there as well. Their names are: Sana, Sanam, Zulfakar and Nabila. There were many ugly aliens around them but the ugliest was sitting on a chair eating 20 or 30 bugs. EWWW! Then Sana pointed to the window. It was open, I made a sudden movement and took a fire extinguisher (that was on the aliens back) and threw it out side, when it fell down it pulled me with. I grabbed Sanam, Sana, Zulfakar and Nabila with me and we all fell down together. I’ll never forget this day.