No society will survive without giving equal opportunities and rights to evrybody.It is the responsiblity of the government to ensure that equal rights are awarded to people.Racism or social stratification has no place in this modern world.Humans aren’t born racist. We were born equal. So why is it everyone is bent on believing that one life is less important than another? Why is it a person high up in society can get away with something other people can’t? How is that equal? Why is one religion “correct” while a different one is frowned upon? You cannot deny rights of people due to their skin tone or financial status.There is no difference between rich and poor.They are all the same humans.So why should there be differentiation when it comes to their rights?

Education is most definitely a right. Anyone that would want to go to school should be allowed not having to think about any barriers. There shouldn’t be a barrier in the first place anyways,school should always be affordable for anyone. I think education is a privilege, and its sad to think about that a lot of the students including me, don’t even value school at all. But there are probably thousands of other kids right now that’s human, and is living in this world that is wanting to be in school. But where is their right to be educated? Nowhere!

We live in a world where rights of poor, prisoners,slaves and refugees are neglected.They are not treated with dignity.Prisoners are not given proper sanitation facilities,meals,sleep hours,clothing, and are put in captivity.Why are they treated like this? Aren’t they humans too? They too deserve their rights being given to them.They should be given a second chance too.

In their war-torn world,where are rights of refugees?.When refugees migrate from their homes to their neighbouring countries for protection, they are declared as asylum-seekers.Many are made to return forcefully.Returning a refugee to his or her own country where there is a civil war going on is no humanity.If government, do not acknowledge rights of refugees properly, then there are more Alan kurdi to lie dead offshore.

If government doesn’t award equal rights and keep on differentiating between rich and poor,male and female,masters and slaves and prisoners and free men and women the result will be disastrous.The right to be who we are destined to be belongs to everyone not just people who are favoured or socially acceptable.We may be different from outside, but we are all humans.Nothing else should define us.