‘Health is wealth’. We have probably heard this quote but never put this into practice. The way you care about your luxurious car and your prosperous wealth, you are supposed to take care of your health as well. Health is more significant than your wealth. Once your health is gone it is complicated to retrieve it. In order to lead a successful life it’s not enough to only care for your physical well-being but it is equally important to be focused and capable of evolving the greatness of soul and nourish within us the positive thoughts to nurture our mind health for the benefit of not only the individual but the society too.
Nowadays good health is just like a boon given by God. It’s a piece of information that good health is the real money of life. Good health is the most cherished earning of a human throughout his/her life. If one loses the wealth of health his/her life becomes imperfect. People generally make blunders in life which tends to ruin their life and it becomes difficult to maintain routines just because of their poor habits. They assume that what they are doing is right although the time is passing and when they perceived their omission it is too late. Well-being defines a person being in good health. Wait, this is actually not enough as in order to be a perfect human being we need to develop mentally, physically, socially & spiritually.
In order to maintain good health we need to eat balanced food, have at least mild exercise daily, intake fresh air, drink clean water, maintain cleanliness, go for regular medical checkups, and obey our elders, parents and teachers. We should follow the regimes like “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, “Time and Tide waits for none”, etc. We should brush our teeth twice a day to keep our mouth clean and free of diseases. We should clean our hand with soap and drink enough amount of water every time before eating food. We should maintain our personal hygiene in order to remain healthy. We should daily take bath with fresh water and go for morning walk to have some fresh air. Healthy eating helps prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure and helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. It also helps reduce the risk for developing obesity, osteoporosis, iron deficiency, and dental caries (cavities). When you feed someone you are giving nutrition for their body although when you love someone, you are giving nutrition for their soul.
Good physical health provides us with freedom from all the sickness & diseases. It supports the feeling of being mentally & socially well. Maintaining metal health is equally important in life. This task becomes easier when we show care and concern towards others and develop certain healthy habits on a regular basis like exercising, spending time with family and participating in healthy activities like debating and book reading. Spending time with pets and plants also guarantee the growth of mental health.
At this stage spiritual health can obviously not be ignored. It is equally important to have a purified soul which can be easily obtained by nurturing positive thoughts in oneself. Developing strong relations with God and praying for others first and then oneself is also a source of spiritual development. It calls for staying away from negative thoughts and be respectful and empathetic. This can be made possible by having good friends around who share the positive life objectives with you.
At the concluding stage, I will end up by saying that well-being of even a single human is important as it leaves a positive impact on the whole society. As children we should adopt healthy habits like eating healthy and timely, sleeping early, getting up early and study regularly which will assure a safe and secure future of the nation.