Stormed with work, smitten by unnecessary worldly affair of showing off your belongings, consequently getting fractured from diseases — this is the cycle, revolving sluggishly, shipping the people towards the mud of eternal unknowingness.

Health is directly proportional to nutrition and both equals to well being. One of the factors spawn in the attainment of proper nutrition is “eating”. How many times have you ever nod your head, as a refusal to your meal. Drowned in work, today it has now become a tough job to steal time for satisfying our hungry stomachs, so just light up a question — will we be ever able to consider any nutritive value of the food being consumed?

How many times have you creased your forehead in utter bewilderment, if someone mistakes you as being eldest among your siblings? Let me clear, they are not mistaken, your health speaks for you — it roar lies about your age. Everything we consume, it surfaces — without our consent. So we should never give our body a chance, to flash something, we never want. Eat with an art, so you may celebrate good nutritional status by possessing working efficiency, ability to repair bodily damage and capability of battling with infection.

Smile plays on my lips, on a thought: health is not valued until sickness hit you.
Let me share those days with you —dragging my back up from the squashy velvet pillow, I had leered my gaze over the pancakes which swam in the pool of honey syrup, drifting my focus over the glass of fresh orange juice , its water molecules had condensed over the surface. Wind suddenly had picked up, diving straight to my nostrils the aroma of steamy chicken. In protest my heart yelled silent curses, which looped only from the heart to the brain. My backbone had refused to aid my head, consequently thrusting it down again on the pillow.

My gaze switched towards my wardrobe, array of lurid colored leather bags danced across my vision, then the collection of shoes I possessed, from ballet flats to western boots glided to my view. Regret had washed — my body will be around longer than those bags and shoes, yet I failed to invest in myself — on my health.

I had curled my fist, a packet of hollow bones which would have fallen apart, if not blanketed by purple veins, over a wrap of pale, wrinkled layer of thin skin and laid it on the side of bed for support. I had force my feet to root the ground and carry me to the table. An urge to taste the food was so intense, yet my mouth and hands were paralyzed. The thing I was only capable of — shoving off medicines into my mouth, then wrinkling my nose on feeling bitter pool my mouth had become.

That was this another day, when sun had poured its warmth, directly targeting my head. I had treaded towards my car. Then… and then… black out.
The next time, I remember when my eyes unsheltered were, only to be met by swarm of people, wrapping my ward in a perfect circle. Familiar faces had zoomed in my frame of vision. An elderly woman, who a moment later, I recalled was my grandma, had stated,
“No health means no life — it becomes a suffering.”

No hole of doubt assails in a fact that no one loves to be lectured on their health. The reason shrouded in such sensitivity is: health is the mental attitude we hold towards ourselves. It is the meter which scales our priority we have for our life — the perimeter to which we love our lives.

Never late to realize, as now I have, eating the right food is a tremendous contribution to prevent diseases, boost physical efficiency, muscle strength and endurance.
Every time a person eats or drinks, he either feeds his body or fights with it. For food to only advocate our body— one has to pour in all the nutritious meals.

Well being is the result I would have pulled much earlier, if mind hadn’t crammed with neglect. No rule now — only promises. Promise to build health, to maintain health or to regain it. Prioritize your health so disease over disease won’t layer over your body. We have now promised, before we’ll be dust and ashes, for our wellbeing — for the day — when every cell of our body will bounce with joy!