Proper nutrition and its maintenance had been as technology and modern advancement bind the earth little by little, more and more dilemmas are uprising and creeping sluggishly, pulling the earth towards the mud of eternal unknowingness. The more industrialization establishes itself, the more natural resources are being eradicated and murdered to death. More people are getting sick, more are dying, and more are parted from their dreams. Everything just seems to vanish in an instant.
One of the most intriguing focuses in the world today. The determining factor in the total health of an individual seems to be a thing that is very hard to catch and get that even the most advance machineries cannot offer any help. It is, indeed, even separating itself from people, whom are which hypnotized by the hex of techno and gizmos. Thus, people nowadays are attacked by illnesses and diseases, most of which leading to the extinction of life, the abolition of existence in the world.
One of the factors involved in the attainment of proper nutrition is eating. The hectic world today provides a view of a high number of people eating just to satisfy hungry stomachs without considering any nutritive value of the food being taken. Most food establishments, restaurants, and markets offer instant food, many of which are acknowledged and favored by majority and yet considered as the worst to human health. Reality speaks that the food appeal is taken into consideration rather than its nutritional content.
La Rochefou Cauld once said: “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art,” thus pointing to the actuality of a call toward reorientation of the people between eating and health. Modern gadgets will not provide the nutrition one needs in his stay on the grounds of earth. Prevailing devices neither science can’t provide any help in the upbringing of one’s health. It is still the nature and discipline of an individual that counts in the end.
Good nutritional status is noted when man benefits from a well-balanced dietary intake, manifested in a normal organ development and function, normal reproduction, growth and maintenance, optimum activity and working efficiency, resistance to infection and ability to repair bodily damage or injury. Thus, a well-balanced diet, daily exercise, and practice of discipline reveals the necessary things one must have to attain good nutrition.
Proper nutrition means invincibility to diseases. Eating the right amount and kinds of food everyday is a tremendous contribution of nutrition to prevention of diseases.

The dictionary defines wellness as the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. Well being of a person defines his nature. It is the inner satisfaction which a person gets when he is has no regrets with life and enjoys it by being happy. A healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sports or other fitness related activities. A healthy diet alone however is inadequate to ensure a healthy body as physical activity helps to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease. In my view, “Health is not just being disease-free. Health is when every cell of your, is bouncing with joy.”
The science of ‘subjective well-being’ suggests that as well as experiencing good feelings, people need a sense of individual vitality to undertake activities which are meaningful, engaging, and which make them feel competent and autonomous. A stock of inner resources to help them cope when things go wrong and be resilient to changes beyond their immediate control.

It is also crucial that people feel a sense of relatedness to other people, so that in addition to the personal, internally focused elements, people’s social experiences – the degree to which they have supportive relationships and a sense of connection with others – form a vital aspect of well-being.

My health philosophy is to maintain my physical activity, proper nutrition as well as my emotional and physical health. Combining all of these together I should be able to have a healthy lifestyle and prosperous life. If only we can set aside every earthly distraction and pay close attention to health and life, then every man can wake up each day facing the new hope of the golden sun and providing the wellspring of progress in the world. As quoted by Kelly Brook,” I’m into well being not because of social pressures to look a certain way, but because I’m interested in living a long, full and a healthy life.”

BY: Muhammad Arham Tabish
Beaconhouse, PECHS campus, Karachi