Life is the superior gift for us from Allah-Al-Mighty and we should live it health but in the polluted environment we live in, it has become a challenge to live a healthy life and leave the planet healthier which shall ensure health and prosperity for coming generations. Moreover, without health, everything else means nothing because health is the first wealth and if we are healthy than it means that we have everything that makes life prosper and makes life worth living and unhappy words vanish from your life.
To live a health life that transforms it into a wealthy life require lots of energy in our bodies and this can only be achieved if we plan our intake according to the requirements of our body. Among others, our body essentially requires nutrients which are substances that provide nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and growth. Although, all types of nutrients found in eatables are necessary but some of them are pivotal and these are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.
Carbohydrates are the body’s basic source of energy and proteins are used to build and repair tissues, proteins also helps if carbohydrates are in short supply. Vitamins and minerals allow our body to grow and water is necessary for the process of respiration. This tells that each of the nutrients gets involved in making our body strong and healthy. It is important to note that access of nutrients is also not good for our health and we should intake nutrients in equal amount. We should eat every eatable but in small portion.
In our journey, we take nutrients and become healthy but what happens when we are in a worthy health, we live a life that has comfort even when the going gets tough because our body is ready and capable of taking the diseases on. When our body is able of taking on the diseases, we are not at all lazy, we are sharp, intelligent, active, energetic and happy. We spend more time in our studies, we don’t face problems while studying and we are never ever left behind in any kind of activities in school and at home whether they are physical or mental. We spend equal time with our family and our life is entirely delighted, thrilled, adventurous and pleased.
Our families have great expectations from us which implies that the true wellbeing of our family rest in our well being and we can only full fill those expectations when we are healthy as it is stated that ‘a healthy body has a healthy mind’. This means that when we are mentally healthy we would be capable of full-filling our family’s expectations and truly ensuring the wellbeing of our family.
It wasn’t said without purpose that health is wealth and yes our health brings stability in our life on both fronts, it lets us enjoy our life which in return helps in our academic success and resultantly bring joy to our life. Nevertheless, the health is a matter of choice and those who choose healthy life style eat food that ensures good health.
Name: Hadia Saif Abbasi
Beaconhouse School System
Senior Girls Branch, Satellite Town Rawalpindi