It is important that we eat healthily, this is what will be the key in giving  us a healthy quality life. We need to include a good diet for this and it is essential that we adopt this from childhood. Our overall health and well-being depends on the food we eat. To have this healthy diet, we need to eat and drink the right kinds of foods. Nutritious foods are very good for us. The nutrients help us to grow, keep our bodies in good shape, and help us to stay fit and active. Healthy eating habits will help us to have good physical and psychological health, as well as boost up our energy levels. Exercise is also important for a healthy life. We can help ourselves in reducing the chances of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, some forms of cancer and many other health problems. We will be able to help our bodies in developing strong bones and muscles.
In today’s world of busy and stressful lives, what we eat can help us tremendously. Our bodies will be able to fight off many problems that we could suffer from. By having a healthy diet, being physically active, getting proper rest, taking care of our personal hygiene, we will feel better overall in our day-to-day lives. This will help us in being sharp minded, stronger, and feel good about ourselves.
An author named Lynn R. Marotz writes in her book, “One of the most important goals in helping children develop healthy eating habits is to increase the number and variety of foods they are willing to accept from each food group.” If we are successful in getting children from an early age to have a variety of foods then when they grow up it will be easier for them as they will have developed the taste as compared to making grown-ups adjust to such diets later on.
Some points that can be followed in maintaining good health and well-being are by:
⦁ Eating less of the fatty foods, especially fats high in saturated fatty acid, such as butter and lard.
⦁ Avoiding junk and processed food, these have artificial substances, high calories and are low in nutrients.
⦁ Cutting down on sugar consumption, such as sweets and chocolates, fizzy drinks.
⦁ Eating more cereal foods such as bread and pasta.
⦁ Increasing the amount of dietary fibre we eat which can be found in cereals, fruits and vegetables.
⦁ Eating less salt by reducing the intake of salty snack such as crisps, nimko etc.
⦁ Exercising regularly.
⦁ Taking care of your personal hygiene such as oral health.
If we are able to keep a healthy balance in the food we eat, it will become a habit for us to follow this. Our bodies will adjust and we will be in a better state of well-being. The type of food we eat depends on how we balance it. It is not wise to have a certain food type only and not having others. Therefore by having a nutritious eating habit we will lead a healthier lifestyle, good health, physical fitness and well-being. Remember that, “if you eat healthful foods you’ll be healthy, if you eat unhealthful foods you’ll be unhealthy.”