Using Technology to promote cultural intelligence and global perspective among children and youth for sustainable social change through the arts

For the Young Artists

When we were children, majority of us created some form of art but as we grow up, most of our created art pieces are lost and forgotten. Patang helps children and youth to save their artworks for future, showcase it to the world, and network with other young artists. It aims to promote creativity, freedom of expression, critical thinking, global understanding, peace and awareness of rights and responsibilities.


For the World to Hear Children’s Voices

Children talk most honestly through creative expression, and Patang offers the world to hear those voices. This is a discovery platform for the amazing creative talent children have, and to recognize their potential to shape the collective future of the world. Patang offers a safe space for artworks, collections and stories told by children and youth, an exploration of collective human cultural treasure in extraordinary details.

ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions

ArtBeat aims to promote visual culture among children and youth. Running since 2011, the project holds exhibitions of child art, organize workshops and promote child art from Pakistan to international exhibitions. The collection of ArtBeat on Patang presents nearly 16,000 artworks made by children and young people from across Pakistan.